2008 Holiday Season and Year Recap

Happy New Year, everyone.

Well, I failed to actually post before the end of 2008. C’est la vie. (That’s for you, Jacob. Look it up.) Since we have so many pix and videos since the last post, I figured I would break up this post into 3 mini-posts. This is a really long post, so I apologize in advance. Each section has its own set of pix and videos. If you want to see them all, have at them. The 3 general categories are:

  • Health, Development, & General Stuff
  • Thanksgiving 2008
  • Christmas in Florida – 2008

A note on viewing the pix. For the time being, I am simply putting slide shows in the post. You can view the albums at your pace at any time by going to Dave’s Picasa Albums.

Health, Development, & General Stuff from Nov & Dec 2008

Been a while since we last posted so I figure starting with some of her recent developments is a good place to start.

  • Sophia had her 6 month checkup in early December.
    • 18 pounds and 6 oz – ~70 percentile
    • 25 3/4 inches tall – ~70 percentile
  • Of course this was technically a week late. Sophia had her first sickness. When all the Lennons got together for Thanksgiving (more on that later) Daddy Dave got sick. Sure enough, Sophia got sick a little later. And lastly Mommy Michele got sick last. We all ended up taking antibiotics to clear things up. It was Daddy Dave and Sophia’s first time ever taking antibiotics. The only scary time was when Sophia’s temperature got up to 102 F. The after hours nurse told us to give her a cold bath and not to really worry until she got to 105. Frankly, I don’t think that’s very good advice, but I’m sure she stayed a Holiday Inn Express the night before. I have to admit that I now know what it feels like to feel completely powerless. We wanted nothing more than for Sophia to get better, or at least feel good. But we could only soothe her as best our biological instincts (and many google searches) allowed. When Sophia was young (hah! I guess a couple of months old) she didn’t mind the aspirator. At 6 months, she minded. And now she is mobile, strong, and independent enough to avoid our efforts to help her breathe. As many parents before us know, that is most fun at 03:17am.
  • Getting around. Sophia has made some good progress in this arena. She can scoot around the room pretty easily now. (See videos below.) She’s also able to roll over from her back to her belly consistently. The other way still requires some effort. (Or is it dumb luck?)
  • Along these same lines, in the last few weeks, Sophia has started being able to remain sitting up straight unassisted. Well, for up to a minute or so at which point – “Timber.”
    From Casa Lennon Pics for December 2008
  • Our friends, the Turners, gave us a Johnny Jump Up. (See Video below.) Holy guacamole. She loves that thing. All newer-than-us parents or parents-to-be must invest in one, especially all our extended volleyball family. What’s funny is that ever since she started using that, all she wants to do is bounce, hop, jump, etc. The sad part is that she now has mo’ mad ups than Daddy Dave.

Here are some pix from the last month

(Remember – Xmas and Tgiving photos are further down the page)
December 2008 Videos
1 of 4 –Many people seem quite intrigued by how Sophia gets around while she is lying on her back. I figured I would try to capture it. It isn’t until about 25 seconds in that she actually starts moving. Anyway, you’ll see why she has a bald spot on the back of her head.

2 of 4 – Sophia can only move forward on her back, so, of course, she can only move backwards on her belly.

3 of 4 – This is a video of Michele and Sophia playing one night. I love Sophia’s giggling. I also like the face Sophia gives the camera at the end of the video.

4 of 4 – Our good friends, the Turner family, passed their Johnny Jump Up to us. We are eternally grateful because Sophia absolutely loves it. She is just getting used to it in this video, but she can’t get enough of it now.

Thanksgiving 2008

We had the good fortune of celebrating Thanksgiving twice this year. Once with friends when the Dois hosted a Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before, then our family get together on Turkey day. Dinner with the Dois was great and Sophia definitely enjoyed playing with people her own size.
Turkey Day was especially sweet this year because the Lennon Clan descended on North Carolina. It definitely made “traveling” easier for us since we only had to drive to Chapel Hill for a phenomenal Thanksgiving meal prepared by my cousin Travis and Michelle. YUMMY! The meal deserves its own blog post.
Of course, the truly important part of Thanksgiving was to get together with the ones we love and we are extremely fortunate that we were able to do that. (For those who couldn’t make it, we love y’all, too.) We had a total of 12 people in our home. That may be a new record for us. It was snug and was very special for me because it reminded me of holidays at Grandma Lennon’s house in Edgewater Park where we seemed to fit people everywhere. (Whenever Dave wonders if we’ll have enough space for something, I just think of 49c Edgewater Park.)
The day after Thanksgiving, we joined every other Triangle family with young children at the NC Museum of Life and Science. (I must admit that I was disappointed the lemurs were not out.) We had a nice picnic and birthday celebration for Peter, Catalina, Renee, Gary and Cousin Michelle before going in. The cake sure was crowded.

Here are some pix from our Thanksgiving celebrations

Christmas and Florida Family Visit

Christmas was in Florida this year. (Central Florida, north of Orlando.) We debated for a while whether or not to fly or drive. The drive would have been about 3-4 days of travel – cuz we would have wanted to stop in Savannah, Charleston, and/or Saint Augustine. Then Southwest offered non-stop flights for less than $90 each way. SOLD! So Sophia had her first ever flight. We (and all of our co-passengers) are very happy to report that it went very well. Sophia slept on the original take off and other than that she was unfazed. Thankfully, RDU to Orlando is a relatively short flight.
When we got to Florida we opted to upgrade at a big discount from 3 door Hyundai Accent to a Toyota Avalon. Money well spent. We stayed in one of Michele’s father’s homes. (Making him sound like a McCain. 😉 ) Thankfully felt comfortable there and was able to sleep comfortably. What made the experience even more fantastic was the kindness of Shane and Jamie. (Mommy Michele’s brother.) They have a beautiful baby girl, Kielynn, who is just a few months older than Sophia. Shane and Jaime let us borrow a pack-and-play and several toys for Sophia. Made life (and packing) much easier.
In Florida, Sophia got to meet a lot of her Hane family. She had met her maternal grandmother, Mimi, a few months ago. But on this trip she met her cousins, aunts and uncles, grandfather, and many others. For the most part, Sophia did pretty well with being handed to a bunch of “strangers”. Sophia has started to develop a bit of stranger anxiety, but she did pretty well. She seemed really intrigued by her grandpa Marv and cousin Jacob. Who knew?
Daddy Dave thought it was really cool that Sophia got to meet her great-great-aunt Lois and great-great-uncle Francis. (Lois is Michele’s paternal grandfather’s big sister.) That just seems so cool.
We shared a Christmas Eve dinner with Mimi, Shane, Jaime, and Aunt Helen. It was quite delish, and it made quite a dish. (That’s for you, Straffin. For anyone who is curious, here is the source.) We finished the night with some board games with Shannon (Michele’s sister), Ben, Chloe, and Jacob. Everyone had a great time. We also had several big family gatherings that made seeing more people while we were down much easier.
Christmas day finished very nicely because our friends Maryjo and Scots were kind enough to come over and cook Christmas dinner for us. They knew we were flying back that morning and had no food. We are very grateful to them for their kindness. They even brought presents for Sophia.

Sophia opened her first present while we were in Florida. Michele’s cousin, Cindy, sent Sophia a wonderful book. See the video below. Many others were very generous and helped stock up on age-appropriate toys and books for Sophia. We are very grateful for all of the generosity of friends and family.

Here are some pix from our Christmas celebrations & time in Florida
And a few videos
1 of 5 – This is Sophia officially unwrapping her first wrapped Christmas present. (Thank you, Cousin Cindy). Of course, she didn’t do much of the unwrapping, but she loves the taste of the present.

2 of 5 – Sophia met a lot of new people in Florida. For example, she got to meet her great-great uncle Francis and great-great Aunt Lois. How cool is that. (Lois is Sophia’s maternal great grandfather’s sister.) This video also has some more of the extended Hane clan who were in Florida for Christmas.

3 of 5 –Went to Florida and Sophia just would not stay calm for 3 seconds with her Aunt Shannon. Shannon made the most of it by having fun with Sophia.

4 of 5 – Sophia had a great time in Florida meeting her maternal extended family. She really enjoyed playing with her cousins. Just take a look.

5 of 5 – A holiday family tradition is to play some board games and have a blast. Christmas Eve we played Jacob’s Christmas present, Cranium. Jacob is supposed to hum or whistle the tune and Ben and Dave are to try to guess. If you can’t figure out, don’t worry, we didn’t either. (My favorite part may be Jacob’s excuse caught at the very end of the video.)

Daddy Dave goes back to work January 12th and little Sophia starts daycare at Primrose Schools. The daycare is just a mile from the house and a mile from Mommy Michele’s work, so Mommy Michele plans to see her during lunch at least once a week. We are very confident that things will go well. We’ve heard only great things and we have friends who have sent their kids there for years. We got on the waiting list January of 2008 and were confirmed for a spot in November.

Best Wishes in the New Year!
The Lennons!

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