One month in and we are still sane

Sophia celebrated one month on Saturday. (Time flies) I am happy to report that Daddy Dave, Mommy Michele, and Sophia are all doing well. (Couldn’t really think of anything alliterative to go with Sophia.)

First month highlights and learnins 🙂 –

  • Friends and family are very generous and supportive
  • Babies can sleep through almost anything. But only during the day.
  • Mommy Michele is amazing. (Stamina, instincts, sacrifice.)
  • Flex Spending is one of the best things we ever did.
  • It’s amazing how much time and effort we had to spend working with our respective HR groups to get time off, benefits changes, etc. Not a small amount of time.
  • Truly fascinating how “everything else” just doesn’t seem that important anymore.

Anyway, on to what may be of actual interest. Sophia is doing well. Today we took her to the doctor. She is 9lbs 2.5oz. That’s in the 50% range. Considering that just 11 days ago she was at 7lbs 11.5oz (still below birth weight) we are very happy with recent progress. She’s in the same ranges for head size and length. (I feel like I am describing a swordfish catch.) Well, we are happy with 18.6% increase. Hopefully she can keep that up.

And as is my custom, I’ll finish this post with some pix and a video.

Pictures of Sophia

(Note: for those of you on non-Flash supporting devices, you can view the pics here)

Video of Sophia

A silly video of Sophia moving around. I had some requests for “action footage” so here ya go.

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