Sophia’s first ER visit (and stitches)

Sophia is fine. In fact, this happened 2 1.2 months ago. Just getting around to posting now. We were at Cary Towne Center on 2/11. Daddy and Sophia had just finished their second go round on the merry-go-round. Unfortunately, Sophia tripped on a rug that was covering some cables. She fell forward and hit her forehead on the metal gate.

At first, it just seemed like a nasty little spill, but in the 6 seconds it took Daddy Dave to pick her up, the significance of what happened hit hard. Sophia had an inch long gash on her forehead that was … productive. We put some paper towels on it to try to slow down the …production. Very thankful to the numerous strangers that jumped in to help out.

Mommy Michele was in Macy’s with Alexander. Daddy Dave called and said, “You need to come to the carousel now. You need to come right now.” Michele assumed Sophia has been acting up and that Dave just needed to “tag out.” Oh, if only that had been the case.

Shortly after Michele arrived and gasped, as expected, the EMS team arrived from Western Wake Hospital. They performed very basic first aid and interviewed a still shaken Dave about the specifics. They made the decision to transport her to the hospital via the ambulance. (Sophia’s first ambulance ride. Michele’s, too, I think.)

Dave arrived with Alexander to the ER shortly after Sophia and Michele. We then called our good friend Marcela to see if she could come get Alexander, take him to our house, and put him down for the night. (It was about 7:30 pm by now.)

(Thank you Marcela and Luis! 🙂 )

Sophia kept herself and everyone else in the ER very entertained for several hours. (3 hours in the waiting room.) She enjoyed playing with the blown up latex gloves. Considering we arrived at what was basically the beginning of her bedtime, she was amazing.

Eventually, they took us to the back to give her 6 stitches. Not fun for anyone. Sophia was restrained via a papoose board (4 hours after she’s normally asleep). She (and Mommy and Daddy ) was very unhappy. After that was done, we still had to hang out for another 20-30 minutes to make sure everything was OK. As you can see by the progression of pictures on the right, she was exhausted by the end.

As terrible as it was (and in the grand scheme of things, this was not that major), Sophia was absolutely amazing through it all. She was positive, funny, and kept our spirits up. Kids are amazing.

Two and half months out and she is still fine. About a month after the accident, someone asked her what happened. She told them the entire thing even though we had never spoken about it.

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