Casa Lennon Christmas – 2010

A wonderful, memorable Christmas. That may be how this Yuletide season is remembered. Casa Lennon stayed put this year after traveling several times over the last few months. A few weeks ago we were very pleasantly surprised to learn that Daddy Dave’s family would come down to spend a few days in North Carolina. (Mommy Michele’s Mommy, Meme, visits in January.) Listed below are some of the highlights (and, alas, lowlights) that will make Christmas 2010, our first full Christmas at home, a memorable one.


  • Purchasing Daddy Dave’s first ever real Christmas tree.
  • Mommy Michele getting a present she’s wanted for a very long time. (Daddy Dave wanted it, too, but not as much.)
  • Multiple family members traveling in from DC, MD, and PA to celebrate Christmas with us and our cousins in Chapel Hill.
  • Seeing how genuinely happy Sophia was to see the Christmas tree. And letting her plug it in to light it up.
  • Family and friends generosity when it came to our children’s presents. We love you people. 🙂
  • Sitting down for a delicious, big meal with people we love. (Wish it could have been more people. More on that below.)
  • Alexander sleeping very, very, very soundly Christmas night. (More on that below.)
  • Having the power come back on around ~7:00 am the morning after Christmas.
  • Playing a classic Spanish dice game, called dados, with Sophia and having her absolutely wipe the floor with us. No, we didn’t cheat. No, we didn’t bend the rules. She just spanked us.


  • Grandpa Lennon not making the trip at the last minute and staying home alone since he got sick and feared being contagious.
  • Uncle Gary making the trip from DC and getting really sick while here. Gary, we truly felt for you and missed you at dinner.
  • The Flippin Cousins driving all the way from South Chapel Hill for Christmas dinner only to realize they probably should not stay since they were all recovering from a nasty bug. 🙁 How kind and generous to make the trip. We missed you all.
  • Sophia getting up with an ear ache at ~2:45 am.
  • Mommy Michele getting sick at ~3:00 am.
  • Sophia waking back up at ~3:30 am. Not going back to sleep til an hour later.
  • Daddy Dave being unable to go back to sleep after that til ~5:45 am.
  • Having the power go out at around ~6:10 am.
  • Having all of our smoke detectors go off around 6:15 because the power went out. (And I guess there batteries were all dead?) Note: Alexander slept through about a minute of smoke detectors going off.
  • Being awake from ~3:00 am til 10:30 pm on 12/26. (I’m beat.)

Christmas Pictures

Direct Link to the photo album

Direct Link to the photo slideshow

Christmas Videos

Direct Link to YouTube video of Sophia and Alexander tearing into a present.

Direct Link to YouTube video of Mommy and Sophia opening a present.

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