Alexander Starts Day Care

Alexander getting some dropoff kisses

This week had one of those big “life” days. Monday (5/24) was Alexander’s first day of day care. Alexander did very well. Sophia didn’t do as well on Monday. She laid down in the hallway outside of her classroom and cried – a very sad, pathetic cry. Ever since she has been going part time, Sophia has had no interest in going to day care. I guess playing with Mommy is just too much fun. Fitting, since she did not have a good first day oh so long ago.

But about Alexander… 🙂 He had a very good first day. Slept well. Ate well. etc. Everything you could hope for. And he doesn’t yet have an ear infection. 😀 The day, as all you other parents know, was harder on Mom and Dad. Spending all your time with him and then breaking that is hard to do. We’re hoping that since he’s starting at 15 weeks rather than ~8 months (like Sophia), that he (and we) will have an easier transition.

One redeeming thing is that we are very happy with Primrose, our day care provider. We are also very grateful to the day care management for their flexibility during this transition. It made a world of difference.

Collection of Photos from first day

You can view the collection of photos from the first day by going to the gallery.

Hope you folks like the setup and pix. Leave some comments if you have any ideas or feedback.

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