Casa Lennon visits NC Museum Life and Science

The Casa Lennon clan made a trek to the NC Museum of Life and Science earlier this week.  We had Chloe’s company for this outing.  This was probably the first time we have gone that Sophia could genuinely appreciate it. We even broke down and got a family membership. Michele is going to stay home now, and it will be great to have this fantastic facility in her activity repertoire. That, and we won’t have to lean on our friends, the Straffins, for (ahem) access.  All you other RTP-local parents that may want to engage in weekday, daytime activities, reach out to Michele. 🙂

Pix from the outing

Link to the Album of picutres

View the pictures as a slideshow

Some Videos from outing

Direct Link to the ladies enjoying some cooling water

Direct Link to Alexander fascinated by plant

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