Casa Lennon hits Kure Beach

Two months ago we went to Kure Beach. We had a great, relaxing time. We rented a home about a 7-iron from the beach. Michele had been home with the kids for about two months. It was a good time for us to get away as a family. (Well, it always is, but you know.) Tough to list everything we did, but here’s a recap:

  • Michele and Sophia really, really enjoyed spending a lot of leisurely time on the large front porch.
  • First ever visit to NC Aquarium. Despite clues of possible disappointment, everyone enjoyed it.
  • Had a great house rental that worked out perfectly. Owners have two young children and have the house stocked with everything we needed. (Pack ‘N Play, Exersaucer, age appropriate books, everything. Awesome!)
  • Michele went to the beach alone one night and saw a number of deer and a fox on her way. Not the kind thing I remember from my days going to Ocean City, MD.
  • We are happy we were able to go at all since Dave had a big project due at the end of the month that hit some snags.
  • Alexander's reaction when Mommy suggested he go to FSU. 😉
  • We did not have the good fortune to eat Britt’s Donuts. 🙁

All in all we were able to spend most of a week together as a family without any firm plans or commitments. It was great. We know that we are very fortunate and have a good life. We are very grateful for what we have. Not least of all how well Alexander and Sophia get along and play with each other. (See the pix and videos below for proof.) Several months on, that sibling bond is only strengthening. Their daily playtime no doubt contributes to that.

(Note about the picture here of Alexander: Sophia was 8 months older than Alexander was at the time of this pic when she wore this onesie.)

Photos of the trip

Link to the album of pix

Link to a slideshow of the pix

Videos of the trip

Alexander LOVING playing on the bed with Sophia.  We love this.

Sophia and Mommy having a good time playing on the beach (part 1)

Sophia and Mommy having a good time playing on the beach (part 2)

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