Sophia (kinda) starts day care and Daddy Dave (kinda) returns to work

I’d hoped to update this sooner, but it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. When you last left our intrepid family, we were re-covering from the holiday season and we were getting ready for Sophia to go to day care. Well, as many you may know by now, that did not exactly go quite as planned. (I’m learning that is a theme with a kid.)

– Daddy Dave takes Sophia to day care a few times before she actually begins.
– Sophia starts day care on Monday January 12.
– Daddy Dave returns to work on Monday January 12.
(Sounds simple enough, right?)

– Sophia got pretty sick the Friday night before she was to go to day care. Hmm, that’s ominous.
– Sunday before day care, Mommy Michele gets that bug. Hmm, this is getting worse before it gets better.
– Monday, January 12 (first day of day care), Daddy Dave stays home to take care of the girls.
– Tuesday, Daddy Dave gets sick, too. Another day not going to work and Sophia still not in day care.
– Wednesday, January 14 – Daddy Dave finally makes it back to work for about a half a day. Mommy Michele still looking after Sophia.
– January 16 – We finally take Sophia to day care. (Yeah!) It lasts about an hour before they tell us she threw up (and more). Mommy Michele goes to get her.
(Quite an interesting “first week” of day care)
– Second week shortened by snow day and Sophia getting sent home Thursday afternoon with a rash (along with two classmates. OY!)

You can tell Sophia was not well because she was really “clingy” and quiet. (See pic on the right. 🙁 ) So what made this return even more special was an insurance fiasco. Apparently, Sophia’s pediatrician is no longer covered by Daddy Dave’s insurance. Duke emailed this information to Daddy Dave about a week after he went on leave, so he didn’t get it until about 3 months later. In the mean time, Sophia’s pediatrician, Rex Pediatrics of Cary, has been submitting claims that have been refused for about 2 months. Sure wish someone would have told us. Especially before Sophia had some blood samples and chest X-Ray. 🙁 Long story short (too late), Duke allowed us to switch insurance providers retroactively to January 1 so that claims could be refiled. (Thank you, Duke!)

Well, this has been a pretty gloomy post so far (sorry), so thought we would end on a more positive note. Sophia got to experience her first snow. We hesitated to take outside since she was not doing well. But, thankfully, abuela Lennon and Mimi both got her snow suits and we felt better taking her out. Sophia enjoyed the fresh air and weird white stuff.

More importantly, Sophia is doing well now and is acting like her usual cheerful, smiling, laughing self. Having a sick kid is awful because you want nothing more than to have them get better. But when they get better, you seem to appreciate and love them even more. (Is that possible?)

Oh yeah, Sophia has made it successfully through two consecutive days of day care. Of course, she was not there for 8 hours either day, but oh well. Daddy Dave dropped her off and Mommy Michele picked her up. I think picking up may be the easier of the two. 😉 Although Michele got to take Sophia out of Dave’s Accord coupe. I think we may be closer to getting Daddy Dave’s much desired Honda Odyssey. 😀

Some Recent Pictures
OK, well here are a series of pics from January.
(Note: You can view all the pictures at your own pace here.)
Some Recent Videos
I like this first video because there are a couple of cute smiles by Sophia.

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