Sophia is Getting a Baby Brother

This is Sophia's brother doing his best Alfred Hitchcock impersonation.
This is Sophia's brother doing his best Alfred Hitchcock impersonation.

To quote a colleague from work, “the title says it all.”  We are very excited to announce that we are expecting an expansion to our family. This is even more exciting and wonderful than the addition of the Honda Odyssey to the family in May.

Some of you may already know this, but I guess the quick details most folks want to know:

  • Due Date – February 20, 2010
  • Boy – but we already covered that in the title
  • Name – Not a clue. Leave your suggestions as comments. (We were mildly relieved when we found out the first time around that we were expecting a girl because we could not agree on any boy names.)

Mommy Michele has felt quite well most of this pregnancy. For those in the know, that is a bit a of a departure from her pregnancy with Sophia. Daddy Dave figured that was a sign that:

  • this child was going to be a boy (just as sound a logic as all other gender identification techniques. I’m partial to the Drano technique.)
  • This child will be more “rambunctious and spirited” than Sophia has been. (I guess we’ll all have to tune in for future blog posts to see how accurate that prediction is.)
Sophia's Bro - Straight Ahead
Sophia's Bro - Straight Ahead

So far everything looks good, so we are happy. Mommy Michele is very much looking forward to her glucose test in a few weeks.  (For those who do not actually know me, you now know I sometimes inject a healthy dose of sarcasm into, well, everything.)  We have been amused by the number of people we know that we have bumped into at the OB’s office. That I can recall, we have learned of three friends’ pregnancies that way. Go figure.

One quick aside. Some of you may know that our friends (and former neighbors), the Allsbrook’s, welcomed their first child into this world the same week Sophia was born. Shortly thereafter, they abandoned us and became slumlords. (Just kidding, we love ’em.) Anyway, we were tickled to learn that we were once again co-expecting.  (Congrats to them on the recent birth of their beautiful daughter, Harper.)

Stay tuned for more updates on “Sophia’s Brother”, past events that we should have blogged about long ago, and other random happenings at Casa Lennon.

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