Snapshots from a 2011 Summer Month

Definitely fail to post enough. Decided to just upload some random pix from July 2011, so we could have some up.IMG_6400

We’ve been in our new house for a little over a month and a half. We are beginning to settle in – a little. Most importantly, Michele has been able to meet some other local moms and get Sophia some new playmates. The move has been a difficult transition for Sophia, but she remains as chipper as always. And she loves being close to her abuela, grandpa, and cousins.

One of things providing a fair amount of entertainment are the pools. As much as we like having access to numerous pools in the Reston area, we preferred the setup we had before with a pool for the community. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • There is  a required 15 minute break every hour where everyone under 16 must exit the pools. Huh? It’s asinine.
  • The above break is even enforced at the pool that is “for kids”.
  • The hours are different at every pool and vary by day. Was (obviously) nice to be able to walk to our old pool at any time.

Oh well, let me stop griping. Here are the aforementioned pix. 

Random Video of Sophia and Alexander Having Fun Together
Direct Link to YouTube Video

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